Tackle relapse &
metastasis in cancer

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SideROS aims to improve the conditions of patients affected by life-threatening diseases lacking of effective treatment.

SideROS bridges innovative research on iron-targeting chemical compounds and drug candidate discoveries to target persister cancer cells, refractory to conventional treatments and associated to metastasis and relapse. The role of iron is ubiquitous whatever the origin of cancer cells, suggesting that our small molecules can target various types of cancer.

Dr Raphaël Rodriguez, Research Director at Curie Institute, performed his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof Sir Jack E. Baldwin and Prof Maurice Santelli at the University of Oxford and in Marseille, where he completed the synthesis of structurally complex natural products by means of pericyclic processes. He joined The University of Cambridge in November 2005 as a postdoctoral fellow, together with Prof. Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute, UK), they firmly established a link between G-quadruplex DNA structures and genomic instability. Raphaël joined the CNRS as a group leader in 2012 and was promoted Director of Research at Institut Curie in 2017.....More

Dr Raphaël Rodriguez, Founder


Incubated at iPEP’s ICM in Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital

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