Our Pipeline

At SideROS, our first lead product, the ironomycin, is a chemical small molecule, highly active in vitro and in vivo. This molecule quantitatively accumulates in lysosomes of persister cancer cells and freely diffuses through the membrane before reaching the lysosomal compartment. There, ironomycin disturbs iron homeostatis, involved in the maintenance of persister cancer cell and provokes cell death by ferroptosis. The process of manufacturing consists of two steps of chemical modifications from a salinomycin, a commercially available starting material, and is a huge competitive advantage regardless the immunotherapy strategies (i.e. CAR-T).

Disease area

SideROS plans to leverage ironomycin development in hematological malignancies and solid tumors. In DLBCL and MM, a biomarker approach can help to identify high risk patients responding to ironomycin. We plan to target build-up by indication, development lead by clinical and regulatory requirements, and short-term development allowing to provide new treatments to patient and to improve quality of life.

Incubated at iPEP’s ICM in Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital

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