Mechanism of Action

Our first lead product, the ironomycin, is a chemical molecule, highly active in vitro and in vivo. This molecule quantitatively accumulates in lysosomes of persistent cancer cells. There, ironomycin sequesters iron, involved in the maintenance of persistent cancer cell and provokes cell death. The process of ironomycin manufacturing consists of two steps of chemical modifications, already industrialized.

Our Pipeline

Targeted indications for clinical development supported by the iron score as a biomarker to screen patients

Disease area

We plan to build-up by indication, development lead through clinical and regulatory requirements, and short-term development allowing to provide new treatments to patient and to improve quality of life.

Publications & abstracts

Targeting cellular iron homeostasis with ironomycin in diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Cancer Research, on 25th January 2022
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Pharmacological reduction of mitochondrial iron triggers a non-canonical BAX/BAK dependent cell death
Cancer Discovery, on 06th December 2021
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CD44 regulates epigenetic plasticity by mediating iron endocytosis
Nature Chemistry, on 03rd August 2020
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Salinomycin Derivatives Kill Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Chemistry, on 21st February 2020
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Diverse engineering
Nature Chemistry, on 13th May 2019
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Salinomycin kills cancer stem cells by sequestering iron in lysosomes
Nature Chemistry, on 17th May 2017
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Ironing out cancer stem cells
Cell Chemical Biology 24, 17th August 2017
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