SideROS Financial Structure

SideROS is a French private company (SAS) developing innovative and proprietary small molecules targeting tumor cells metabolism by iron deprivation in persistent cancer cells. Since its incorporation, the company is supported by business angels, with successful international experience in managing innovation in pharmaceutical industry.

SideROS also receive grants and awards from French and European institutions including :

  • Bpifrance (iLAB 2019, French Tech Emergence, French Tech Seed)
  • Région Ile de France (FEI)
  • Findmed (CHICHE)
  • EIT Health (Headstart 2020)
  • Medicen (Entreprise innovante des Pôles)

SideROS has initiated and would strengthen collaboration and partnership with academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate its development in high-risk cancers with poor prognosis : Institut Paoli Calmette, Institut du Cerveau, Institut Carnot-CALYM